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Keeping International Business Office Connected Through Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is a new technology that is quickly opening doors in the online world. International business is catching onto the trend and it is becoming more and more commonplace among both newly established not to mention, well-established businesses. Videoconferencing is well on its way to becoming more affordable for businesses with modest budgets. No longer is it the technology for the wealthy.

For example, in 2002 the price for videoconferencing equipment dropped a whopping eighty percent from its original price.

Some international businesses have been quick to take advantage of videoconferencing whereas others, such as the architecture firms have been slow to do so. There is a tremendous potential for the growth of business on international levels and companies well aware of this fact are using it to their greatest advantage.

There are many opportunities available to make use of videoconferencing technology and they require a low risk factor as well as a very small financial investment. There is a federal program known as the CS or Commercial Service of the United States Department of commerce (also called the U.S. Department of commerce Support) that makes every effort to support firms located in the United States (in particular companies that are medium to small in size) in order to encourage exports.

The U.S. Department of Commerce Support is a network known through out the world that has as its express purpose to do everything in its power to encourage the international business interests and to help them grow in every way possible. To describe its duties in a more complex way, The CS offers comprehensive, customized solutions to the international trade challenged of the U.S. companies and provides export promotion assistance through a variety of products and services.

To further its goals the CS makes use of videoconferencing as often as it is fitting to do so. They make it possible for a firm in the United States to directly communicate in real time with firms in other parts of the world.

Any number of aspects of international business can be discussed in these international videoconference sessions and members of a firm interested in feedback and ideas can visit many new perspectives from their colleagues across the globe. At the present time the CS can connect more than forty countries in the world via videoconferencing and their plans include expanding in the near future to include eighty countries.

Many things can be accomplished through a videoconference including the opportunity to learn as much as one can about foreign markets, to consider the challenges inherent in cutting edge technology and to meet colleagues and/or business partners in other countries to toss around a plethora of business plans and ideas.

Videoconferencing is a revolutionary concept that is changing the way international business is conducted. When videoconferencing is made use of on an otherwise regular basis, it saves both money and time for companies (or rather lots of time and lots of money!).

This time and the financial resources can be put to much better use in companies and less waste is always considered good business. As opposed to travel expenses, the money can be put towards research, marketing, promotional campaigns, imports, exports, the acquisition of new equipment and the development of new technologies.

Videoconferencing for international businesses is often done office to office across the globe by way of either satellite videoconferencing or ISDN videoconferencing. A satellite videoconference has much to offer.

First of all the production and distribution is on par with the exceptional quality of television and the communication between the offices all takes place in real time as there is no delays whatsoever in terms of audio or video. If two-way interaction involving smaller groups of people in a variety of locations around the world (or even in your city or state) is desired then your best bet is to go with ISDN videoconferencing. This type of videoconferencing has often been described as being an interactive meeting experience.

This form is very convenient as well as affordable and allows for multilocation communication by way of a connection that consists of a digital telephone. There is both clear and uninterrupted audio and video feed that is two-way and in real time and finally sharing documents with the individual or individuals on the other end of the communication is a snap because computer applications can easily be shown (such as a spreadsheet in Excel or a presentation done in PowerPoint).

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